How to sew a hat from knitwear with your own hands: children's, women's, girls

A knitted hat is an accessory that will never go out of fashion. Today, such a headdress is presented in different variations, so every woman will choose a model to suit her taste

For sewing a knitted hat, it is better to use the following types of fabric:

made of cotton threads – a light, translucent fabric that lets in air, stretches well, and is ideal for creating summer and spring models.;

made of wool-it is a dense warm fabric with a small pile, this material is used for sewing winter and autumn models;

made of synthetic – the material stretches well, is used to create winter and summer hats.


Also on sale you can find a combined knitwear, which is the best option. The fabric is made by mixing natural and synthetic fibers. It keeps its shape well, does not crumple, does not shed. To sew a hat-stocking made of knitwear or any other model, you will need:

fabric of your favorite color scheme;
threads to match;
sewing machine.
It is recommended to print the diagram on the printer beforehand. If you use the electronic version, the probability of incorrect pattern details increases. At the same time, it is recommended to print it in real size.


Women's hat-sock made of knitwear

Special attention is paid to the peculiar model of the sock hat. It is called so, because in its appearance and stretching body it resembles the sock we are familiar with. In general, initially this model was used by men, however, the ladies soon borrowed this image and found it very practical and convenient. This model is mainly suitable for young girls who lead an active lifestyle. Thanks to its comfortable shape, it is easy to put on and give a new shape every time

Sock hat pattern for women

A quick sewing method involves building a pattern, cutting and stitching together parts. We share an easy way to build a foundation for cutting fabric.

Draw the future product on the paper. The shape of a rectangle with a semicircle at the top. In the middle of the semicircle, make a small triangular cutout. This will serve as the site of the future seam.
Fold the fabric in half twice.
Apply the drawing to the fabric and cut out the silhouette with a margin of about 1-2 cm.

The step-by-step sewing plan is easy to complete and takes only a couple of hours:

Cut a triangle at the top of each part.
Sew the incision site.
Fold the 2 pieces of the pattern on top of each other.
On the sewing machine, stitch the parts in a circle, gently bending the fabric.
Iron the resulting product.


Open the main part

Since knitwear is knitted, and not here, it has its own direction of threads. How to determine this? On the sections of the fabric, find a cross thread and pull it. If the loops begin to unfold, as on things knitted on knitting needles, then this will be the top of your future hat, let's call it-the upper cut, and where the loops do not unfold — the lower cut.

The cutting of the details of the cap is made according to the scheme.

We place the fabric on a flat surface with the wrong side down, the lower cut to ourselves and bend the fabric from the left side to (24.0 cm. + 1, 0 cm.) = 25.0 cm. With the front sides inside, this will be the main part of the cap.

We postpone the allowance of 1.0 cm from the upper cut.

Then divide the top section of the cap into 4 equal parts: 24.0/4 = 6.0 cm.

After that, on each segment of 6.0 cm, we find the midpoints of the segments 6.0/2 = 3.0 cm.


As you can see, imagination and work will all peretrut! Do not miss the opportunity to give new life not only to scraps, but also to worn things or those that you do not like. There is always a way to use such a thing for other purposes, for example, a scarf, a sweater, a knitted dress and other knitwear